How gratitude can help you thrive

Helping our little people bring thanks to their lives

by Christina, Wee Seeds Founder24 March 2021

How gratitude can help you thrive

In the UK we marked a #DayofReflection this week. One year since we went into lockdown. Here, and across your communities, life had changed forever.

We have already had a period of reflection. At New Year this year, our family spent some time thinking about the Covid year that had been. 2020 had been horrendous in many ways. For some terrible events had passed. We all have differing scars to bear.

But as a parent I had wanted – especially with an 8 year old in the house – to look at what this seismic shift in our lives had brought that was good.

Gratitude practice is so powerful. Often linked to mindfulness meditation, it can be a practice in its own right. And it’s featured heavily in the last two talks hosted by Action for Happiness.

This week, Arianna Huffington spoke so beautifully about the power of gratitude. She called it a keystone emotion, saying: “It is so because gratitude and anxiety cannot exist together.”

She spoke about how writing down gratitude helps enormously and that sharing these with others is also beneficial. This also become apparent to me this week, when in our Wee Seeds Gratitude Group, one member wrote: “I’m grateful for this group. I’ve been trying to establish a regular gratitude journaling habit for years. Turns out all I needed was a wee prompt and some lovely kind souls to help me along the way.”

So as we move into this period of reflection – and in some countries, hopefully towards recovery – we invite you to spend some time thinking about what you are grateful for in your life just now. If possible, turn your face towards the past year, and think, amid the horrors of living in lockdown, what small things have you been grateful for?

Your neighbours? Local walks? Focussing on self-growth? Reconnecting with your kids?

Try this with your children. We have a gratitude exercise to download. This mindfulness exercise for children helps them to reflect on what is good in their lives and as a family you can practice together. If they are anxious about the return to school, it will allow them space to consider the things that make their lives special.

Let this period of reflection allow us to mourn the many who have died, the losses of time we have had with loved ones and those who still suffer.

Let it also allow us to reflect, and if possible, grow gratitude for what remains after the storm has passed.

Stay safe,

Christina, xx

Wee Seeds Founder.