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by Christina, Wee Seeds Founder6 February 2021

One of my lasting memories was hearing my son screaming as he left the hospital wing, his cries carrying back down the corridor to where I lay.

I was on the ward after being diagnosed with Type One diabetes. I’d been admitted and speedily hooked up to various drips, including insulin: the drug I would now have to self-administer for the rest of my life.

After two days, and some scary information sessions with the nurses, who showed me how to test my blood sugars, and self-inject insulin, I was sent home to start my new life as Type One diabetic.

I struggled mentally, physically and emotionally with this life-changing diagnosis, and, realising I had to help myself, I downloaded a meditation app I’d spotted. Within a month I could feel a real positive difference in my mental well-being.

It became clear that my hospital admission and diagnosis had left Fin, our son, who was two and a half at the time, disrupted. Obviously, he hadn’t wanted to leave me in the hospital, but in the months that followed he started asking if I was going to die or be taken to hospital again.

I realised I had to do something to help him too but when I looked for a way to teach him the things I was learning through my meditation and mindfulness app there was nothing for his age-group. So I started thinking up fun ways to self-teach him breathing and mindfulness — and it helped. As well as helping him through my diagnosis, it’s helped him in other challenging situations, like starting school, arguments with friends, and most recently a traumatic arm break!

It was from this that the idea for Wee Seeds was born.

Early on, I knew I wanted to help parents support their kids, like I’d supported mine.

Now we’re pretty clear, after listening to parents and professionals, and the impact of Covid-19 that mental health starts early.

We’re here to help young kids develop strong, healthy calm minds through positive daily mindfulness activities and to help parents nurture positive mental health behaviours in the present moment and for their futures.

We do this though our early years wellbeing toolbox that aims to not only helps parents teach their children mindfulness and life-long wellbeing skills, but also connects families. These tools can also be used by preschools, nurseries, and early primary school staff, as well as other educational, day care, or childcare facilities.

It has been a rollercoaster, as we have learned, iterated, been on the rollercoaster of funding applications and refusals. We have put in many, many hours of voluntary time and watched as this little seed of an idea has continued to grow. We are grateful to everyone for their support.

Thanks to emergency Covid funding from UnLtd we have been able to continue through this tough time - and with this grant are working on delivering a range of new mindfulness, meditation and movement exercises for early years children and their families.

We are also set to launch pilots for our Buy One Give One programme - Pick One, Plant One - to give access to mindfulness to families in need.


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