Bring love into your house

Try our 'Smiling Heart' exercise

by Wee Seeds15 February 2021


To mark #ValentinesDay here's our 'Smiling Heart' exercise to bring happiness and gratitude to your little one's life. Let us know how it goes? Maybe it'll help you + the wider family too.

Mindfulness can bring us back to present moment, combine it with gratitude and you've a perfect mix of being right where you need to be. (Also, this might help when you're tearing your hair out home-schooling, or they're upset they can't see their pals.)

💛Smiling Heart Space 💛

🤫 Best done in a quietish space, but don't worry if this is an issue.

💛 Ask your little ones to find their heart, help them by finding yours. Make it a game. Explain this is where all their feelings come from.

👌 Put your hand on their heart. They put their hand on your heart. This helps to build connection.

🌬 Breathe, in and out, watching/feeling your chests rise and fall. Remember their breaths will be shorter than yours.

💛 Now ask them to imagine their heart is smiling.

🗣"Smile from the heart. Imagine."

💛 Now see if you can both smile from your heart, into your chest.

🌬 Breathing, in and out, gently, the whole time.

👄 Now ask them to bring that smile onto their lips. Can you?

🗣"Smile from the heart and bring it to rest on your lips. Now send that smile out into the world, to your family, and friends. To your teachers, to everyone knows you, and those who don't."

Now come back to the breath, open your eyes, and smile at each other.

💛 Today, bring that love into your lives, and a smile back to your heart. Let us know what happens. 💛

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