Take a breather...and bring calm to your family.

Check out our Live Demo of one of the exercises from our Digital Toolbox...

by Wee Seeds9 February 2021

At Wee Seeds we want to start to plant the seeds of mindfulness and meditation in the early years – so what better way to do this than to teach them to stop, pause and breathe.

We live in a busy world today and learning that it’s OK to take a break is a valuable tool for our self-care – for children and adults alike!

Deep breathing in the belly sends signals to the nervous system to relax – which is good for little minds and bodies.

That's why we went Live on recently to show one of the exercises in our Digital Toolbox - you can catch it again here on Instagram or on Facebook

We showed you The Bird in action - a mindful movement and breathing exercise, designed by a five year old - and explained a little bit more about what Wee Seeds is all about.

It's easy to go through the day without taking a break to stop, so today we're bringing you a few tips to bring calm to the house - without them noticing!

  • Make sure when you're talking to them that you create eye contact. It's easy to be distracted but making sure you're at their level when they are talking will ensure they feel listened to.
  • Have a wee mindful tea break. If you're stopping work for coffee or tea, grab a teddy or two, and have a tea party (even just got a five minutes). Taste what your tea tastes like, check in with yourself and your child. How are you're getting on today? How are you feeling?
  • Have a mindful hug. Our Digital Toolbox has a beautiful Heart to Heart exercises which means getting a lovely hug from your little one.
  • Practice standing on one leg and see who can last the longest. Use long, slow, mindful breaths to steady yourself, practice balance and focus.

We'll be going Live again soon to tell you more about Wee Seeds, let us know what you'd like to know.


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