Open Letter: It's okay to take a break

Read our open letter to parents and carers and know it's okay to stop. You have permission.

by Wee Seeds30 June 2021

You’ve held it together. Or maybe you haven’t. Work, home-schooling, wondering where to get food from (remember that panic?). You’ve cooked, cleaned, made rainbows, banged saucepans. You’ve worried about loved ones but hardly about yourself. You’ve sadly maybe dealt with sickness and death. You’ve Zoomed, and Roomed, and WhatsApped, spending endless hours staring at a screen, and sometimes two at a time! You’ve binged on things: crisps. Netflix, online shopping, maybe even alcohol. You’ve judged yourself, your advice to others to be kind falling on your deaf ears. Maybe you’ve tried to find flow, taking up meditation, yoga, or crochet, to try to find space from the thoughts. You’ve tried to catch a break from the steam of consciousness, worrying, thinking doing. But sometimes it feels like the endless Channel You won’t stop. But it has to, right? Because YOU ARE TIRED!

You need a rest. You deserve a break. You need a holiday.

It’s hard when you’ve been on high alert for so long. Like an animal primed for action, any sudden movements have you pumped up again. Life has been a threat for a year-and-a-half now. Vigilance is important in our Covid times of course. But so is reducing your stress levels. Living in fight or flight – the stress state – is bad for you. It’s not good for your body or your mind.

You need a rest. You need to know it’s okay to take a break. You have permission.

Your child likely needs a rest from nursery, or school. The Summer holidays are here or coming. Now is the time. Maybe you have booked a holiday, time with family, or friends. Maybe there’s camps and clubs to sort. You are likely juggling work, kids, holiday, childcare, packing, planning, *insert as appropriate your To Do List*. There goes that rollercoaster of thoughts again. Can you carry on like this? At this pace?

If not, then stop. Stop. Think. Where can I actively looking for ways to rest, to stop, to TAKE A BREAK? Where can I find rest? Where can I put down some things? Imagine all you carry as a rucksack full of To Dos. What can you set down a while and pick up on the way back? Do you need to carry everything ALL THE TIME? What can you give to someone else’s rucksack? Or say NO to in the first place?

Know that it’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to set down some things for a while. You’re tired. Stop and rest under that tree. Unpack your bag. See what you can set down for the summer. Rest a while and recharge. The world will keep spinning.

You have permission. It’s okay to take a break.