Pick One, Plant One: Wee Seeds Social Impact

by Wee Seeds1 September 2021

Did you know that every time someone buys a Wee Seeds Toolbox of mindfulness activities that they’re giving one away to a family who needs it?

When you bought your digital meditation exercises for your early years child, or supported our crowdfunding, we pledged to give away a toolbox to another parent or caregiver.

So for the past few months we’ve been working to partner up with some amazing charities and social enterprises, to ensure we can giveaway your vouchers through our Pick One, Plant One scheme.

By picking up some mindfulness for your family, you’re planting the roots for another.

Now more than ever, families need the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to help build resilience, develop a greater understanding of emotions and tighten bonds to help them come out of these current events stronger.

Meditation can relieve anxiety, reduce stress, help overcome feelings of isolation and improve emotional health. Mindfulness doesn’t block stress or overwhelm, but it does help us cultivate our responses to stressful situations. So, in tandem, these tools can improve calm, kindness, focus and encourage sleep.

We believe in a society of emotionally literate and resilient children, who will grow up into teenagers and adults who are well-equipped to face life’s hardships. Research shows that introducing mindfulness and meditation in schools and universities has a positive impact. But the missing link is planting these seeds in pre-schoolers. We’ve gathered evidence and testimonials which indicates mindfulness and meditation is a great place to start for pre-school children. We’ll be sharing this in the coming months, but for example:

  • After using Wee Seeds, parents and professionals commented children demonstrate more kindness and have improved at sharing and turn-taking
  • Breathing exercises have improved focus and concentration
  • It encourages them to use their imaginations
  • Parents using our exercises have reported a positive Impact on their child's sleep

That’s why we are extremely excited to be working with our four Pick One, Plant One partners. These organisations are instrumental in helping us with our mission for mindfulness to reach all. We’re working with our partners to give free access to our Digital Toolkit to the families they work with.

Today we can announce our four fantastic partners are

  • The Yard, Edinburgh
  • Home Start Stirling
  • First Hand Lothian
  • Kin Collective Family Wellbeing Hub, Edinburgh

Keep an eye on our social media in the upcoming weeks where we will be introducing our partners and talking more about the amazing work they do!

Thank you for investing not just in your family’s mental health but supporting another family too!

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Zoë King, our amazing Partnership Manager, for all her hard work and dedication these past months in readying us for working with partners, and to Eilidh Gardner, our wonderful Partnership Assistant, who has been working with partners in the past month to ensure we're finding recipients for our mindfulness tools. Thank you both for all your incredible work.