Calm Spaces - Giving you confidence to bring calm to your children and home

Get your Go-To Toolbox to plant calm, focus and sleep - through breathing, mindfulness, movement and meditation.

Our parent-designed mindfulness activities aim to bring calm, focus and sleep to your lives.

Worried about the impact of Covid on your child’s anxiety and overall wellbeing?

Tired of hearing parenting hacks to calm your kids and seeing Zen-like images of other people’s family life - when your #RealLifeParenting experience is way off that script?
Want to teach your children wellbeing tools that plant a positive mental health mindset and equip them for the modern world?

Wee Seeds’ Calm Spaces course is designed and tested by real parents to bring you easy (and fun!) activities to help you confidently teach your children calming techniques and start to bring calm into your space.  

These are beautiful exercises for anyone with small kids who wants to help them develop resilience and positive mental health as they grow up. Wee Seeds offers fun exercises that can be done together as a family. I think of it as a mental vaccination against the challenges that my kids will face as they grow up, to instil early on preventive tools for developing calm, balance and positive mental wellbeing. Particularly important with the challenges they have faced during lockdown.  I cannot recommend this enough, it really is a beautiful concept.

David Lewis

What you will learn

Calm Spaces is designed to give you confidence to bring calm to your children and home.
Our course content is rooted in mindfulness, meditation and movement and guides you through a series of exercises and activities, explaining How To, Why and (importantly) strategies to use if your child isn’t initially engaging with your Calm Plan!  

Our course of go-to exercises that you can use over and over again, is YOUR jumping off guide to start to teach your children: 

  • Calm breathing techniques 
  • The roots of mindfulness 
  • How to nurture quiet time 
  • The benefits of mindful movement
  •  How to support their sleep 
  • Other wellbeing tools, like connection to you and others, and how to look after difficult feelings 

We’ve also brought you special bonus content, including:

  • Top tips for getting started with meditation 
  • Five ways to help your children find their breath 
  • Guided yoga scripts for you to use yourself 

75% of parents noticed a positive difference in their child after using Wee Seeds - and also in themselves!


  • 15 beautifully designed and fun mindfulness activities for early years and early primary aged children  - Value £167
  • Access to our private Facebook group of Wee Seeds parents, with its supportive community to help you on your wellbeing journey for your children and your family - Value £97
  • Free access to our new Parenting Meditation circle (launching late 2021) - Value £97
  • 28 day calendar to ease you in to meditation and mindfulness- Value £37
  • Monthly newsletters with tips for good enough parenting in our modern world - Value £27
  • BONUS: A guide on introducing mindfulness into the home - Value £27
  • BONUS: Five top tips on helping your child to find their breath - Value £27

Total Value £502

Regular Price for the Calm Spaces Toolbox - £197



Yes, there is a wealth of mindfulness and meditation tools on the internet! Crack on. You’ll find resources for primary school ages kids, and adults. There’s very little for your early years child. That’s where Wee Seeds comes in. You’ll be getting specifically designed mindfulness, mediation and movement tools for early years children, designed and tested by parents and nursery practitioners. We know our tools work. You’ll also be getting access to our Wee Seeds Community, and our new mediation circle, giving you space to meet real life parents like you who want to do the best for their children’s wellbeing. What’s not to like!

Wee Seeds Calm Spaces course is delivered online. We offer you and your family a series of guided exercises to do with your children to help teach them calm and focus, through mindful breathing and movement. We also offer a series of sleep audios to help your little ones learn the benefits of sleep, and guide them off to the Land of Nod. There’s are also a series of videos to explain mindfulness, and downloadable PDFs including a 28-day-calendar, yoga scripts, and how to guides.

All of our exercises are grounded in fun. We know kids love to play, and so we make mindfulness fun. All our exercises are games based, or involve imagination and play. Our activities are parent and child designed and tested, and all our meditations are written by parents, and loved by children!

Your course access allows you entry to our FREE Facebook community where you’ll find a supportive community to help you on your wellbeing journey for your children and your family. We’re also around to help with any concerns or worries you have - and you can email us for support..

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t stick the first few times, just keep teaching the Wee Seeds activities like it's a game and do as much as your child is happy with. We have specific guidance in the course for this situation. Remember it takes a while to get into a new habit. Try to do at least one activity a day, even if it’s just some calm breathing! To help you we've created a free 28 day calendar to ease you into it. Once you've familiarised yourself with Wee Seeds tools, our calendar can be something you can use to bring some stability to practising every day if it helps.

Don’t worry if you’re new to meditation - we’ve got you. Lots of our parents are - they know it helps but don’t know where to start. That’s exactly why we’re here! We’ve a series of videos on what mindfulness is, as well as guidance for parents for ALL our exercises. We’ve got your hand and are here with you as you learn, and teach your children well being habits to last them a lifetime! Also, remember 75% of parents using Wee Seeds exercises noticed a positive difference in their children - and themselves - and many of them had never tried mindfulness or meditation before.

 Mum to Lyla, 6 and 3 year old Sonny.

Parenting two small children can be challenging at the best of times, but now, during Corona Virus, it's been more important than ever to be able to talk to my children about their feelings and how to find calm in chaos.

Wee Seeds has been great in giving my family the confidence and tools to talk about difficult feelings, and giving my children the space to be sad, angry, frustrated and all the feelings we're all feeling right now, and know how to return to feeling more at ease with all the changes they're dealing with.

Mum to 3 year old Mousa

My toddler and I are both LOVING the Wee Seeds exercises. I've wanted to try to bring more mindfulness into his routine for a while now but honestly didn't really know where to start.
Mousa just instantly loved them. He will occasionally ask for the balloon breathing, or the garden yoga if we haven't done it for a couple of days. He'll pull out my yoga mat and say: “Mum I want to do Bugs yoga".
I absolutely love doing the yoga exercises with him... but more than that I love that he WANTS To do it.

 Mum to Dexter 8 and Ariana 4

 I was really pleased to receive the 28-day calendar to try with my 4-year-old. My 8-year-old already have experience in mindfulness so it seemed like an easy next step to engage my daughter. She is a very active, determined child so I was excited to see how things went with her. I am happy to say that, she really enjoyed doing them. She loved the Pause Button and the Little Bugs and really enjoyed doing the Focus Eyes when we were outdoors. The exercises are simple and straight forward and the website is visually lovely and easy to use. Thank you Christina and thank you Wee Seeds.

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