Digital Toolbox

Wee Seeds is your Digital Toolbox of fun, portable, calming tools to help you plant the seeds of mindfulness, meditation and movement in children’s early years. You can try our first exercise, the Pause Button, for free.

You can try our first exercise, the Pause Button, for free, or sign up or sign in for access to all 10 exercises.

Pause Button.

Teach your child to take a pause! Help them learn that it’s OK to stop and take a breath.

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Little Bugs.

Help children get a sense of how their body moves and feels so they start to have greater awareness of their bodies.

Focus Eyes.

Sharpen our little ones’ attention and focus through this simple game you can play anywhere.

The Bird.

Designed by a five-year-old, this mindful movement combined with breathing helps bring airy calm to any situation.

Weather Yoga.

Try this fun, interactive weather-based yoga session to plant the seeds of mindful movement and body awareness.

Whale Breathing.

Try some deep whale breathing to calm high emotions.

Singing Bell.

Sharpen your wee seeds’ focus and create calmness together by paying attention to the sound of the singing bell.

Dandelion Puff.

Help little ones bring their attention to their breath and grow feelings of calm with this beautiful audio meditation.

Heart to Heart.

Bring your hearts together for a connected moment of calm.

Cosy Toes – Cosy Heart.

Try this lovely sleepy relaxation practice to put their bodies – and yours – into a wonderful state of relaxation.

Rainbow Breathing.

Bring some calm back into your lives, with this beautiful mindful Rainbow Breathing exercise.

Waves of Rest.

Let the waves rock your wee seed to sleep with this relaxing rest or sleep meditation.

Wee Seeds Breathing.

Breathe with your seed as you grow and become part of the world around you.

Sleepy Clouds.

A beautiful meditation of sleeping clouds to help your wee ones visualise drifting off to sleep.

28 Day Invitation

Remember it takes a while to get into a new habit! To help you we’ve created a free 28 day calendar for Wee Seeds' users.