If you’re new to mindfulness and meditation, or this is your first time at Wee Seeds, we’ve got you!

Firstly, thanks for joining us! Times are tough right now and we're here to help bring some calm into your lives.

Below is some general guidance on practicing and the digital toolbox, but if you have any specific queries, please email us at weeseedsmeditations@gmail.com

Or you can ask on our social media - we have a private Facebook group here

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t stick the first few times, just keep introducing Wee Seeds as a game and do as much as your little one is happy with.

Remember it takes a while to get into a new habit. To help you we’ve created a 28 day calendar to ease you into it. You can find it here

You'll find most benefit if you and your little ones do the exercises together - parents using Wee Seeds exercises also noticed a difference in themselves, not just in their children.

Please remember to tick the boxes underneath the exercises to unlock the next one, They've been designed this way to ensure you are guided through the exercises in the right order. Plus, what little one doesn't like ticking a complete button!

Tell us how it’s going! We love to hear from you, and we are always learning and growing. So to find out how to give us your feedback visit our Feedback Page.

If you fancy featuring on our website with a short testimonial of how Wee Seeds has helped your family, please email us at weeseedsmeditations@gmail.com