Help us bring mindfulness to all young children in the UK

When you subscribe you buy a membership for a family in need

Our Buy One, Give One scheme – which we affectionately call our Pick One, Plant One programme (get it!?) - means that for every membership bought (picked) we give one (plant one) to a family who needs it.

We work with charities, social enterprises and groups working with families and early years children, so they can help us reach those who might not be able to access our content.

We have been delighted to partner with Wee Seeds through their ‘Pick One Plant One’ program. Thanks to this partnership we have been able to offer additional support to our members during this extremely challenging time [Covid-19], especially for those living with and caring for disabled children and young people.

The Yard

How does it work?

The Pick One, Plant One scheme will mean that for every digital toolbox bought we pledge to give one away to a family who needs it.

We’ll be running this scheme in partnership with playgroups, charities, and other groups, who will distribute these digital toolboxes to families they work with.

Our first fantastic partners were - The Yard, Edinburgh, Home Start Stirling, First Hand Lothian, Kin Collective Family Wellbeing Hub, Edinburgh.

We're currently onboarding partners for our second pilot programme. To find out more, or put your group forward as a Pick One, Plant One partner, please email

At Wee Seeds, we help you plant the seeds of mental and emotional wellbeing in the early years.

If you're a parent or carer

Our Wee Seeds Nurture Membership is for you

Empowering parents and carers with

  • Our Wee Seeds’ mindfulness, meditation and movement exercises straight to your digital device
  • Teach your children essential life skills to boost their positive mental health
  • Feel empowered to try our mindfulness, meditation, and movement activities for little ones
  • Get support through our online community to connect; and hear from guest speakers and participate in live meditations

If you work with early years children

Our Wee Seeds Early Years Mindfulness Toolbox is for you

Upskilling educationalists in nursery and schools

  • Grow the emotional and wellbeing offering in your nursery, school, playgroup, afterschool club
  • Discover a package of resources for tailored for early years children
  • Get one to one training and online support

  • Get support through our online community to connect; and hear from guest speakers and participate in live meditations

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