Growing Wee Seeds...

Wee Seeds germinated from the seed of an idea into a growing, living initiative thanks to the amazing support of its ever-expanding community and those who believe in its concept when it was just a seedling.

Thanks to the backing of The Melting Pot’s Good Ideas programme I was given an opportunity to play with Lego, prototype my idea, carry out surveys, learn about all aspects of set-up from tax to marketing, and spend time with an amazing group of social entrepreneurs who also had big dreams to change the world.

Following my graduation from this amazing programme, and thanks to some funding from an Edinburgh based seed funder, I decided to bring a prototype of the app to life to user test its concept and exercises.

My vision for the app was brought to life by Scottish designer Emma Chapman, who also worked on early designs for leading mediation app Headspace, and a student from Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Computing.

early designs.jpg

The exercises for the prototype app were designed in conjunction with mindfulness and meditation expert Dr Vee Freir, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Co-ordinator for the NHS Mindfulness Project.

Testing was carried out throughout Summer 2018. We were delighted 75% of parents reported a positive difference in their child becoming more “calm”, “more in control of themselves”, “easier to put to bed” and helping them to “focus on the positive” and “control levels of frustration and anger” and 75% parents reported a difference in themselves, feeling calmer and enjoying spending time with their children.

Now we want to raise the funds to help build Wee Seeds first ever web-based-app – which is why we’re crowdfunding! We want to add your donations to seed-funding we received from the lovely people at UnLtd earlier this year.

Can you help us grow? Can you help us build tools to support preschoolers mental wellbeing, emotional literacy and inner strength? Watch the video below to find out more and you can donate at Thank you!

christina cran