Settling back into a routine post holidays...

Holidays disrupt sleep patterns and mealtimes so we might be finding it difficult to settled back into a regular groove, especially our littlest children. Young children don’t fully understand the concept of time, or that Christmas holidays are over, so we need to help them – and ourselves – settle back into a routine. 

Why? Well when children know that certain events happen in the same order every day then it helps them to have a better understanding of their world, and therefore feel more secure. Being mindful and taking the time to kick-start their routine will help them feel safe and secure.

So here are three top tips for settling back into a routine.

1. Get back into a bedtime ritual ASAP! Take some time to think about what calms down your child. A bath? A story and a cuddle? Music? Talk them through the idea of getting back to regular bedtimes, and ask them what they like most?

2. Always do the bedtime routine in order, and help them keep on track by asking them: “What comes next after your pyjamas?” You could also include asking them to remember one thing they did in their day that was fun, which not only starts to lay the groundwork for gratitude practice, but also helps them with their ability to remember and their language.

3. Practice kindness to each other. Settling back into a routine after a big excitement like Christmas holidays can be tough for children – and adults. When tempers start to flare, or behaviour isn’t as expected, take the time to stop. Perhaps take a moment to breathe before you react, shout, or punish, and wonder if the behaviour is symptom of the settling back period, or perhaps even missing spending time with you?

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