Wee Seeds Prototype Testing: Feedback

Thanks to funding from a seedfunder and some amazing support, we launched the Wee Seeds user testing with a prototype app and paper exercises in Summer 2018.

Parents loved it! 75% of parents reported a positive difference in their child – and in themselves! – after doing the specially designed, age appropriate exercises and games.

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Here was some of the feedback on the difference that starting to practice mindfulness and meditation techniques made. (Children were aged between 2-and-a-half and 6, and both boys and girls)

  •  When the kids are getting wound up with each other I was able to use the Pause button exercises to stop them going crazy and as it is like a game they engaged well with it and thus avoided an argument or fight.

  • I feel calmer at bedtime. I was getting stressed as it was taking longer than I wanted. Really enjoyed chatting to my daughter instead of battling to get her to sleep. She settles much better.

  • Controlled levels of frustration or anger by doing breathing and focusing on their super power. This made them proud and distracted them rapidly. Balancing buddies gave them something to practice and show off but also concentrate on again to help with de-escalation of fighting.

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And some of the feedback from the parents!

  • It helped me focus more on my breath when feeling stressed. It helped me to understand what my kids have taken from each day (in terms of what made them feel happy or good).

  • Reminded me of the benefits of breathing and some of the elements of mindfulness that I could use. I also liked the calm time spent with my child which made me happier.

  • Found myself remembering to breathe and be calmer.

  • I spent time teaching my child to breath, take a moment when he was angry or frustrated.

  • Better strategies to distract and calm challenging toddler behaviours.

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Mum Kirsty and 6-year-old Sofia took part in our testing earlier this summer.  

They said: “We were delighted to be part of the initial trial for Wee Seeds.  It came at just the perfect time for my daughter starting school as it can be an overwhelming time, with lots of emotions for little ones to cope with.   

“We found the ideas fun and engaging. Some of the ideas we could do while out and about such as the noticing game, which was a particular favourite and one my younger son could also get involved in too, while others we kept as more relaxation tools such as the breathing with your buddy game.   

“I found the app gave me a good tool to start conversations about the importance of relaxation and mindfulness as the app gave me the confidence with the right tone and wording to use.”

To help us grow and develop our first web-based app please support our crowd funding – either by donating, or sharing within your own networks, friends and family, work colleagues, or local groups. We need your help! http://bit.ly/growingweeseeds

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