Bring calm and connection to your Easter holidays.  

The Easter holidays can be a recipe for hyper kids - what with sugar, good weather, and the excitement of school holidays!

Set the tone for each day of the holidays with calm and connection! It's easy to use mindfulness to foster calm at home (or away).

We'll show you how with our Mindful Easter Holidays calendar. Get your free two-week calendar of 14 daily mindfulness prompts. Easy, fun activities for the whole family to try.

Put calm and connection and the centre of your Easter break this year, with Wee Seeds.

Mindfulness can help your child  

  • Sleep better
  • Feel less anxious
  • Feel more connected to you
  • Build resilence
  • Understand their emotions
  • Deal with frustration better 
  • Become kinder to others and themselves 

Our platform and app provides grown ups with mental health resources to teach emotional, mental and social wellbeing skills through simple, easy to follow videos, audio and activities.

Parents can watch their little ones grow and develop mental health skills. Educators and professionals can bring mindfulness into their classrooms or with families they work with. Employers can improve wellbeing for their staff, creating positive spill over into work.


Mindfulness can help your child. Connect with your child every day. Bring calm into your home. Teach them positive mental health skills for life.


Bring calm to your classroom or nursery, or families you work with. Support staff with meeting curriculum objectives. Teach health and wellbeing skills for life.


Home life doesn't get left at the door when employees start work, with home-working more normal than ever, it's even harder to separate life and work.

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