Wee Seeds Nurturing Wellbeing Toolbox for Nurseries

Do you want you want to teach the children in your care but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for exercises to support your wellbeing curriculum but can’t find any?

Do you want to upskill your staff in teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques?

We can help!

  • We’re here to help you plant the seeds of positive emotional and mental wellbeing skills in the early years
  • We want to help you set up the children in your care with life-skills like  resilience, and good mental health.
  • We want to help upskill educators and professionals. 

Join our network of nurseries and we can offer you a toolbox of easy, fun,  activities for you to teach your children wellbeing skills, and personalised support.
In our initial trials using Wee Seeds in nurseries - 75% noticed the kids or nursery was calmer. 

It's tough out there

Research shows an estimated 20% of young children worldwide experience  mental health disorders (WHO, 2018). Some as  young as two-years-old.

This figure is likely to be much higher, as most  conditions go undiagnosed.

Yet support for families at the sharp end of a rise in mental health problems is sparse. 70% of children don’t receive the support they need – and many must wait years.  And a lack of early intervention impacts our little ones as they grow up into teenagers – around 50% of mental health issues are established by age 14.  

That’s where we step in.

We want to provide parents and carers, and  professionals working with young children, the tools they need to help plant the  seeds of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in the early years.

Mindfulness and meditation is scientifically proven to improve mental health and we believe introducing these skills early on is key to children’s life chances.

Fewer children get upset - instead are able to use the breathing techniques to calm themselves down. The breathing exercises helped the staff go from stressed out to calm when sitting completing the videos with the children.

Lizzie Raeburn, Bonnington House

Mindfulness can improve

Mental wellbeing

 Regular meditation, even for a few minutes a day, increases  mental strength.

Physical wellbeing

Meditation reduces stress, improves sleep, energy, and future health  outcomes.

Emotional wellbeing

Meditation alerts neural pathways in ways that improve emotional regulation.

Family connection

Mindful parenting can lead to a better parent-child  relationships.

In signing up to Wee Seeds membership you’ll get

Our Wee Seeds Calm Toolbox – upskilling educationalists in nursery, schools and other education settings, including childminders, afterschool, playgroups, through access to our Wee Seeds Early Years Mindfulness Toolbox; one-to-one training; and online support.

  • Available on all devices, including mobile
  • Access to our Wee Seeds Toolbox with its easy, fun activities to teach your children positive wellbeing skills through mindfulness and meditation  techniques 
  • One-to-one training 
  • Online support  
  • Access to a community of other professionals using Wee Seeds 

We’ve also brought you special bonus content, including:

  • Top tips for getting started with meditation 
  • Five ways to help your children find their breath 
  • Guided yoga scripts for you to use yourself 

The children all got engaged with the activities. They really liked the bird and  balloon ones, and we still use these techniques with the children on a day-to-day basis.

They really helped the children calm themselves and recognise when  they needed to do this, understand when their bodies were tired and needed a rest. Children were asking to do the Wee Seeds exercises.

Simon Evans, Tops Winchester

Our pre-school children have found this programme extremely useful, we have  noticed a decrease in behaviour and a more noticeably calmer environment.

Jo Parry, Tops Nursery

75% of nursery professionals said they noticed the kids or nursery as a whole was calmer when using Wee Seeds exercises.

 Mum to Lyla, 6 and 3 year old Sonny.

Parenting two small children can be challenging at the best of times, but now, during Corona Virus, it's been more important than ever to be able to talk to my children about their feelings and how to find calm in chaos.

Wee Seeds has been great in giving my family the confidence and tools to talk about difficult feelings, and giving my children the space to be sad, angry, frustrated and all the feelings we're all feeling right now, and know how to return to feeling more at ease with all the changes they're dealing with.

Mum to 3 year old Mousa

My toddler and I are both LOVING the Wee Seeds exercises. I've wanted to try to bring more mindfulness into his routine for a while now but honestly didn't really know where to start.

Mousa just instantly loved them. He will occasionally ask for the balloon breathing, or the garden yoga if we haven't done it for a couple of days. He'll pull out my yoga mat and say: “Mum I want to do Bugs yoga".
I absolutely love doing the yoga exercises with him... but more than that I love that he WANTS To do it.

 Mum to Dexter 8 and Ariana 4

 I was really pleased to receive the 28-day calendar to try with my 4-year-old.
My 8-year-old is a very active, determined child so I was excited to see how things went with her. I am happy to say that, she really enjoyed doing them.
She loved the Pause Button and the Little Bugs and really enjoyed doing the Focus Eyes when we were outdoors. The exercises are simple and straight forward and the website is visually lovely and easy to use.

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