The Pause Button

Need to take a pause RIGHT NOW?

Try out our Wee Seeds Pause Button to bring some calm to your current situation.

Read the guidance and then follow the breathing to support a moment’s peace amid the storm.


Exercise guidance

  • Ask your child to run about or jump up and down for a few minutes. 
  • Then get them to come and press the PAUSE button. 
  • Together, follow the balloon breaths on screen, in and out.
  •  Don’t try to change your breath, just follow it.
  •  Try to repeat the exercise three times.

Why do this?

We want to start to plant the seeds of mindfulness and meditation – so what better way to do this than to teach them to stop, pause and breathe.

We live in a busy world today and learning that it’s OK to take a break is a valuable tool for our self-care – for children and adults alike!

Deep breathing in the belly sends signals to the nervous system to relax – which is good for little minds and bodies.

What can I try if it’s not working?

If your child can’t or won’t sit – why not try one breath first. Get them to copy you – young children love copying! Hold their hands in yours, look in their eyes, and take a big deep breath in and out yourself.

Try to expand your tummy like a balloon, place your hands on your tummy if it helps. Make a game of it. Then come back to Wee Seeds’ Pause Button and try again.

What else can I do?

  • Use the exercise to talk about how important it is to take a pause in their day. 
  • Ask your little one what did it feel like pausing? What did they feel like before? After? 
  • Then for fun why not decide where their own Pause button could be. On their tummy? Nose? Forehead? 
  • Come back to this exercise time and time again – repetition helps create habits. 
  • Use this practice before stressful situations escalate, in the supermarket, at home before dinner, or a meltdown, or simply to relax and unwind before bedtime. 

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