Want To Grow A Calm and Connected Family?

Want to grow a calm child and connected family?
Ever think life is moving too fast?
Want to hit pause, but don’t know how? 

Then become a Wee Seeds Calm Families community member for FREE today.

What's included?

  • A private Facebook group of parents nurturing calm children and planting the seeds of positive mental health. 
  • Immediate access to FREE easy, fun calming exercises designed to help you bring calm, gratitude and help with big feelings. 
  • Troubleshooting tips for each activity sent by email and words of encouragement to embed these exercises into your family’s life. 
  • Monthly emails with tips on helping your children learn wellbeing skills.

Grow positive mental health

  • Exercises that work and use mindfulness and meditation 
  • Help your children recognise their emotions, find calm, and sleep 
  • Teach the importance of being present in our lives, and how our breath is our Super Power 
  • Bulletproof them against anxiety, stress and depression

Grow calm and connection

  • Try fun, easy games-based activities that plant the seeds of positive mental wellbeing and emotional health 
  • Tailored to 3-6 year olds, and tested by parents and children 
  • Only takes a few minutes each day  
  • Parent led guidance at every step

With modern life putting children under so much stress and chipping away at their happiness and wellbeing, planting the seed of mindfulness when they are young will help them build calm, healthy, strong minds and life-long skills.

Here's what parents have noticed in their child - and themselves - thanks to Wee Seeds:

Calm, sleep, focus, closeness, family, connection, stillness, positivity, self-awareness and emotional regulation.

Our platform and app provides grown ups with mental health resources to teach emotional, mental and social wellbeing skills through simple, easy to follow videos, audio and activities.

Parents can watch their little ones grow and develop mental health skills. Educators and professionals can bring mindfulness into their classrooms or with families they work with. Employers can improve wellbeing for their staff, creating positive spill over into work.


Mindfulness can help your child. Connect with your child every day. Bring calm into your home. Teach them positive mental health skills for life.


Bring calm to your classroom or nursery, or families you work with. Support staff with meeting curriculum objectives. Teach health and wellbeing skills for life.


Home life doesn't get left at the door when employees start work, with home-working more normal than ever, it's even harder to separate life and work.