About us

“Hi, I’m Christina! The founder of Wee Seeds.

“I was diagnosed with Type One diabetes when my son Fin was two. We both struggled. I downloaded a meditation app and within a month, I could feel a real positive difference in my mental wellbeing.


Fin was struggling

Fin was starting to ask if “Mummy was going to die?” or be taken to hospital again. I had to help him cope with his feelings, but I couldn’t find any mindfulness and meditation resources for kids his age.

“I made up some fun exercises and started to teach him breathing and mindfulness. It made a real difference in how he dealt with his feelings with my diagnosis, but it also helped him in other challenging situations, like leaving nursery, and starting school.

“Fin is now 10 years old and still uses breathing techniques, if friends make him cross at school for example. Not long ago, he told me he walked around the playground, breathing in and out until he calmed down.

"We often talk about what feelings mean, where they are felt in your body, and he understands that no feeling lasts forever.

"Spending a few minutes sitting together doing a short breathing meditation often calms the whole house down and gives us a real sense of connection as a family.

“Through my mindfulness practice at home and training, I’ve learnt so much about how it can help young children - if it’s approached in a fun way.

"I had to share this – and so Wee Seeds was born.”

Christina Cran, Wee Seeds Founder

The Wee Seeds Team

Becca Bell, Growth and Partnerships Lead

If you’re an educator, a professional, or someone working with early years children and you want to bring mindfulness to them, Becca is here to help. Formerly Business Development Lead at Hey Girls, she's your contact for all membership and subscription queries.

Lorna Walker, Mindfulness Lead

Lorna is a Wellbeing Specialist, Founder of Compassionate System, and a Senior Teacher at Youth Mindfulness. She brings her deep understanding of mindfulness to the development of our content, and voices many of our practices.

Emma Chapman, Designer

Emma worked on leading meditation app Headspace and brought Wee Seeds’ current brand to life - including our mascot Sprout! She works freelance for Wee Seeds and has been the creative energy behind all of our wonderful digital exercises and images.

 Zoë King, Outreach Lead

Zoë has been a Wee Seeds volunteer since 2018. She has been an invaluable part of the team, helping run our user testing of our MVP, our nursery testing programme, and bringing our social impact programme to life. She currently works on to support all outreach work for Wee Seeds, including our campaigns, materials, sales and social impact work.

Matthew Dudley, Voice artist and Audio

Matt is a classically trained actor, presenter, and voice-over artist with over 15 years' experience. Matt has helped Wee Seeds with voice-over work, and quality audio for the exercises on our site. You can hear him in ‘Weather Yoga’ and ‘Sending Hugs’.

Social Impact Lead

Currently vacant

Marketing Lead 

Currently vacant

Special thanks to Rhona Bythell, who designed the Yoga Exercises.

Wee Seeds Board

Michael Charyk, Global Innovation Pathways Lead, Experian

Mike has been driving forward Experian's innovation programme for the past 2.5 years, acting as trainer/coach/mentor for internal innovation teams across the global business. He previously led product teams in the UK and North America within financial services and consumer goods/e-commerce companies.

Wee Seeds Advisory Board

Dr Vee Freir

Vee is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and former co-ordinator for the NHS Mindfulness Project. Vee helped develop content for the Wee Seeds Beta Prototype for user testing, some of which was used in the early Wee Seeds testing. She now sits on the Wee Seeds board.

Our platform and app provides grown ups with mental health resources to teach emotional, mental and social wellbeing skills through simple, easy to follow videos, audio and activities.

Parents can watch their little ones grow and develop mental health skills. Educators and professionals can bring mindfulness into their classrooms or with families they work with. Employers can improve wellbeing for their staff, creating positive spill over into work.



Mindfulness can help your child. Connect with your child every day. Bring calm into your home. Teach them positive mental health skills for life.



Bring calm to your classroom or nursery, or families you work with. Support staff with meeting curriculum objectives. Teach health and wellbeing skills for life.



Home life doesn't get left at the door when employees start work, with home-working more normal than ever, it's even harder to separate life and work.