Take Five to Thrive - Transform Children's Lives with Our 10-Day Breathing Challenge!

Just 5 Minutes a Day for Calmer Kids - Discover the power of mindful breathing with our 10-Day Breathing Challenge, designed to help early years children, families, and nursery settings, experience the life-changing benefits of just five minutes of daily breathing practice.

Join us on this exciting journey to improve focus, stress relief, emotional balance, and a stronger connection with the children in your life.

Mindful breathing can help children:

  • Sleep better Feel less anxious
  • Feel more connected to you
  • Build resilience
  • Understand their emotions
  • Deal with frustration better
  • Become kinder to others and themselves

What do you get?

  • Ten days of breathing exercises - accessible on phone, tablet or computer
  • Access to community support
  • Guidance and prompts to keep you on track
  • Sneak preview of our Mini-Minds Toolbox
  • Quality time with your child
  • Understanding of the benefits of mindful breathing

Piper has had better concentration. She's listened more and she's more focused when following instructions. Piper's been more open with her feelings and understanding her needs. It's given us quality time together; we rarely get that time, but even just 10 minutes a day has benefited our bond tremendously. 

Most importantly, we've had fewer bedtime protests because she's become more aware of what tired feels like. Piper has always been a happy little girl, but after using the Wee Seeds Mini-Minds Wellbeing Toolbox, she's sparkled a little brighter.

đź’¬ April, 4-year-old Piper’s Mum 

For Parents and Carers who want more - Get your own Wee Seeds Mini-Minds Toolbox

Teach your child positive wellbeing skills, with scientifically proven techniques like mindfulness, meditation and movement.

  • Animated video exercises and audio meditations 
  • Ideas and guidance for off screen activities   
  • Fun and easy to do 
  • Only takes maximum 10 minutes to do 
  • Available on a digital platform, and through an app (not from the app store) 
  • Designed for children 3-8 years old 
  • Created by experts 
  • Approved by parents 
  • Loved by children!

I must admit after reading some of the tasks I didn't think Ashley would want to sit with me and get involved however he blew me away and has been so responsive -  @the_wijsvelds  

 Wee Seeds has been great in giving my family the confidence and tools to talk about difficult feelings, and giving my children the space to be sad, angry, frustrated - Ellie

Wee Seeds is mental health protection against the challenges my kids will face as they grow up [it's important] to instil early on preventive tools for developing calm, balance and positive mental wellbeing - David

Take Five to Thrive - Transform Children's Lives

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll get resources to teach your child wellbeing skills, through scientifically proven techniques like mindfulness, meditation and movement.  It includes cute animated video exercises to do with your child on your phone, tablet or computer. You can also access all our exercises and activities on an app!

The programme includes:
Breathing Roots ToolboxBreathing exercises are the perfect place to start mindfulness with your little one. Breathing deeply will make your child feel calmer.  
Growing Quiet Toolbox - Exercises to teach your child to notice their minds and surroundings and develop focus and attention. They’ll learn to understand their thoughts and manage their emotions better.  
Mindful Movement Toolbox - Fun mindfulness movement exercises to help children to develop awareness of their bodies, and where feelings live. They also help with focus and concentration. Our mindful movement exercises are designed by a pre-school yoga teacher and include scripts you can use offline if you’d like.  
Watering Wellbeing Toolbox  - Wellbeing exercises to teach your child about their emotions (emotional literacy), gratitude and kindness.  
Supporting Sleep - Guided meditations to help your child relax and sleep better.    

You’ll also get ideas and guidance for activities to do off screen like our gratitude jar, kindness fairies game and yoga. There are also a series of videos to explain mindfulness, and downloadable PDFs including a 28-day-calendar, yoga scripts, and how to guides.

We're adding new content to the programme regularly. 

1 in 6 children aged 5-16 is likely to have a mental health problem. That’s pretty scary right?! There are lots of children dealing with anxiety and stress. Or just trying to work out the rollercoaster of life! As parents, we haven’t been shown how to deal with this. Often it’s hard enough looking after our own mental health! Yet, you know that looking after your child’s mental health is as important as looking after their physical health. We’ve designed our Nurturing Wellbeing programme just for parents like you! Parents who want to invest in their children’s mental health and need the support to do that. It’s never too early to invest in your child’s mental health. 50% of mental health issues are established by age 14. Investing in your child’s wellbeing now will give them tools to look after themselves in the future.

The activities in our wellbeing programme only take between five and ten minutes to do with your child. They are fun, easy and engaging! So you’ll both be looking forward to them. Each exercise has guidance on how to do it, as well as tips on what to do if it’s not working. We help you make mindfulness a habit. Small changes to your day will make a big difference.

We’ve a range of exercises in our toolbox, ranging from a few minutes to ten. We recommend doing at least one exercise a day - even the shorter breathing ones - to start to create a habit.

You can try a technique called habit stacking. So you pick a thing you do every day, teeth brushing, bathtime, bedtime, home from school, dinner time. Then you add your habit onto that, so perhaps you do your breathing exercises when you come home from school as a way to connect, or before bedtime to settle. Whatever works for your family. We have some helpful guidance on this in our Family Intentions Setting Guide inside the Toolbox.

For your monthly membership, yes.

Yes, there is a wealth of mindfulness and meditation tools on the internet! You’ll find resources for primary school aged kids, and adults. There’s very little for your early years child. That’s where Wee Seeds comes in. You’ll be getting specifically designed mindfulness, meditation and movement tools for early years children, designed and tested by parents and nursery practitioners. We know our tools work. You’ll also be getting access to our Wee Seeds Nurture community, giving you space to meet parents like you who want to do the best for their children’s wellbeing.

Wee Seeds Nurturing Wellbeing Toolbox is delivered online. We offer you and your family a series of guided exercises to do with your children to help teach them calm and focus, through mindful breathing and movement. We also offer a series of sleep audios to help your little ones learn the benefits of sleep, and guide them off to the Land of Nod. There’s are also a series of videos to explain mindfulness, and downloadable PDFs including a 28-day-calendar, yoga scripts, and how to guides.

Yes, as long as you stay a member.

All of our exercises are grounded in fun. We know kids love to play, and so we make mindfulness fun. All our exercises are games based, or involve imagination and play. Our activities are designed and tested by parents and children. all our meditations are written by experts, and loved by children! There’s guidance on all the exercises of other things you can try, and our team is always happy to help.

You’ll get access allows you entry to our Facebook community where you’ll find a supportive community to help you on your wellbeing journey for your children and your family. We also run lives on various topics, including mindfulness, early years, parental burnout, and much more! We also offer timely activities, for example, around Easter holidays, or Christmas. Just ask if there’s something you need. Our small, friendly team is around to help with any concerns or worries you have - and you can email us for support.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t stick the first few times, just keep teaching the Wee Seeds activities like it's a game and do as much as your child is happy with. We have specific guidance in the toolbox for this situation. Remember it takes a while to get into a new habit. Try to do at least one activity a day, even if it’s just some calm breathing. In addition, we've also created a 28-day calendar to ease you into it. You can find it in your Wellbeing Toolbox. Once you've familiarised yourself with Wee Seeds tools, our calendar can be something you can use to bring some stability to practicing every day if it helps.

Don’t worry if you’re new to meditation - we’ve got you. Lots of our parents are - they know it helps but don’t know where to start. That’s exactly why we’re here! We’ve a series of videos on what mindfulness is, as well as guidance for parents for ALL our exercises. We’ve got you and are here with you as you learn, and teach your children wellbeing habits to last them a lifetime!

 Mum to Lyla, 6 and 3 year old Sonny.

Parenting two small children can be challenging at the best of times, but now, during Corona Virus, it's been more important than ever to be able to talk to my children about their feelings and how to find calm in chaos.

Wee Seeds has been great in giving my family the confidence and tools to talk about difficult feelings, and giving my children the space to be sad, angry, frustrated and all the feelings we're all feeling right now, and know how to return to feeling more at ease with all the changes they're dealing with.

Mum to 3 year old Mousa

My toddler and I are both LOVING the Wee Seeds exercises. I've wanted to try to bring more mindfulness into his routine for a while now but honestly didn't really know where to start.

Mousa just instantly loved them. He will occasionally ask for the balloon breathing, or the garden yoga if we haven't done it for a couple of days. He'll pull out my yoga mat and say: “Mum I want to do Bugs yoga".
I absolutely love doing the yoga exercises with him... but more than that I love that he WANTS To do it.

 Mum to Dexter 8 and Ariana 4

 I was really pleased to receive the 28-day calendar to try with my 4-year-old. My 8-year-old already have experience in mindfulness so it seemed like an easy next step to engage my daughter. She is a very active, determined child so I was excited to see how things went with her. I am happy to say that, she really enjoyed doing them. She loved the Pause Button and the Little Bugs and really enjoyed doing the Focus Eyes when we were outdoors. The exercises are simple and straight forward and the website is visually lovely and easy to use. Thank you Christina and thank you Wee Seeds.

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