Help us bring you a #SummerofConnection

Wee Seeds have joined forces with Play Scotland to bring you a series of top tips on connecting with your child this summer

Feels like summer is meant to be a time to relax, and enjoy what sunshine we have in Scotland, right? But for working parents and carers, it can often feel like a juggling act. Work, home, kids clubs, etc etc. We can sometimes feel like there’s no time to connect, bring calm, play together, or enjoy our family time.

That’s why Wee Seeds have teamed up with Play Scotland this year to bring you ideas to help this be a time where you can bring a little closeness to your family, practise some new wellbeing skills, and have some fun. Latterly we’ll help you to prepare for the transition to the new term.

We want to help you find the space and time to play, be bored, and look after your family’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Join us each Sunday on our main social media channels (links below) - when every week we’ll be helping you with a new topic.

Follow the hashtag #SummerofConnection - to find the following hints and tips from Play Scotland, and Wee Seeds.

  • Week One - Setting an Intention - are you giving space and time to connect?
  • Week Two - Indoor Mindfulness - what to do when it’s wet outside!
  • Week Three - Boredom Buster - why boredom is good, and what to do with it
  • Week Four - Mindfulness outdoors - finding space to breath in nature
  • Week Five - Space and Time to play - tips on how to make the space to play together
  • Week Six - Mindful Breathing through Play - fun ways to teach wellbeing
  • Week Seven -Transitions - Back to School Week

We can't wait for you to join us! 

Wee Seeds is Scotland's only social enterprise, specialising in mindfulness and meditation tools for early years children. 
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Play Scotland is the lead organisation for the development and promotion of play in Scotland.
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