Surviving the winter together

Nurturing calm and connection in small spaces

Winter can be a beautiful season. You might imagine snuggling up together, Instagrammable moments with little ones, and sought after calm. Maybe even some snow. Yet the reality is often challenges, big emotions, and maybe even arguments! This can be especially true when you’re cooped up together for long periods of time. The nights get longer, the family is at home more, and sometimes frustrations simmer and tensions rise.

But we’re here with five real-life parenting hacks on bringing calm and connection to your home this winter.

Family creativity for connection

Use creativity to build connection! What do your kids love doing? Arts and crafts, baking, or making a fort behind the sofa? Make some time to be with each other to build connection, and if possible, do this daily. Remember it doesn't have to be hours, even just ten minutes will bring you closer together. #Top Tip - ask them first. Don’t wait for them to ask to play with you - get in there and ask them first

Allow boredom

While on one hand it’s good to build connection through play, remember to give your child some space to be bored. Don’t feel any parenting guilt or obligation to entertain your children every minute of every day. Avoid addressing boredom with tech, and instead, encourage some window watching, building something with recycling, and if you’re joining in, let them take the lead. #TopTip - for children who find this difficult, perhaps try the art of stewing.

Mindful Moments

Winter offers a unique opportunity for mindfulness. Engage in activities like winter walks, snowflake watching, or simply listening to the sound of falling snow. Encourage your children to embrace the present moment by asking them to describe what they see, hear, and feel. These mindful moments not only reduce stress but also deepen your connection with one another and nature.

Wellbeing rituals - doing it together

Often as parents we can feel we get no time ‘to ourselves’. This can lead to resentment and simmering tensions. So instead of trying to find time to meditate, or other wellbeing rituals we’re all ‘told’ to do. Why not create a wellbeing practice together? So, we’ll always advocate Wee Seeds Mini-Minds Toolbox of wellbeing activities, but here’s some other ideas. Why not create a Calm Corner for everyone in the house to use, why not make the five minutes after dinner your Breathing Buddy time, or maybe practice gratitude through dinner? We don’t have to separate our children and our well being - remember they learn from us, so we can get a minute's peace, and teach them to take a break too.

Stick to bedtime, and ditch the tech

What’s the one thing that impacts most on having a calm atmosphere in your house? We’re betting that sleep is up there in the top three, if not at number one! So, through the winter months, and especially over the festive holidays, try to keep to your usual sleep routine. Find ways to calm down before bed - make some suggestions and involve your child in designing what that Calming Kit will look like. Then ditch the tech, and work with your Calming Kit to bring your child to rest. #TopTip - remember that sleep is key for you too, so make sure you’re getting enough shut-eye!

Remember, it’s not just about surviving, but also thriving as a family unit. By taking some time to slow down and rest together, you’ll be making memories this winter, instead of waiting for it all to end.

Happy winter.


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