Mindfulness for Mini-Minds.

Teach them positive mental health skills for life. Together we can impact the current child mental health crisis. Use in an educational setting, professional setting, or at home. Sign up for our Children in Scotland attendee trial today - just click on the link below and follow the sign up process on the next page.

Help your learners or families you work with:

Learn to focus and help them be ready to learn
Build resilience
Understand their emotions
Feel less anxious
Nurture a growth mindset
Become kinder to others and themselves
Future proof their mental health
Meet health and wellbeing objectives

Create a calmer working environment Save time and build confidence
Support individual learners and diverse classroom needs
Nurture a classroom ethos with wellbeing at the centre
Connect the teacher/parent/child triangle
Impact the mental health of future generations

Our platform and app provides grown ups with mental health resources to teach emotional, mental and social wellbeing skills through simple, easy to follow videos, audio and activities.

Parents can watch their little ones grow and develop mental health skills. Educators and professionals can bring mindfulness into their classrooms or with families they work with. Employers can improve wellbeing for their staff, creating positive spill over into work.


Mindfulness can help your child. Connect with your child every day. Bring calm into your home. Teach them positive mental health skills for life.


Bring calm to your classroom or nursery, or families you work with. Support staff with meeting curriculum objectives. Teach health and wellbeing skills for life.


Home life doesn't get left at the door when employees start work, with home-working more normal than ever, it's even harder to separate life and work.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, there is a wealth of mindfulness and meditation tools on the internet! You’ll find resources for primary school ages kids, and adults. There’s very little for your early years child. That’s where Wee Seeds comes in. You’ll be getting specifically designed mindfulness, mediation and movement tools for early years children, designed and tested by parents and nursery practitioners. We know our tools work. You’ll also be getting access to our Wee Seeds Community, and our new mediation circle, giving you space to meet real life parents like you who want to do the best for their children’s wellbeing. What’s not to like!

Wee Seeds Nurturing Wellbeing Toolbox is delivered online. We offer you and your family a series of guided exercises to do with your children to help teach them calm and focus, through mindful breathing and movement. We also offer a series of sleep audios to help your little ones learn the benefits of sleep, and guide them off to the Land of Nod. There’s are also a series of videos to explain mindfulness, and downloadable PDFs including a 28-day-calendar, yoga scripts, and how to guides.

Yes, as long as you stay a member.

All of our exercises are grounded in fun. We know kids love to play, and so we make mindfulness fun. All our exercises are games based, or involve imagination and play. Our activities are parent and child designed and tested, and all our meditations are written by parents, and loved by children!

Your course access allows you entry to our FREE Facebook community where you’ll find a supportive community to help you on your wellbeing journey for your children and your family. We’re also around to help with any concerns or worries you have - and you can email us for support..

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t stick the first few times, just keep teaching the Wee Seeds activities like it's a game and do as much as your child is happy with. We have specific guidance in the course for this situation. Remember it takes a while to get into a new habit. Try to do at least one activity a day, even if it’s just some calm breathing! To help you we've created a free 28 day calendar to ease you into it. Once you've familiarised yourself with Wee Seeds tools, our calendar can be something you can use to bring some stability to practising every day if it helps.

Don’t worry if you’re new to meditation - we’ve got you. Lots of our parents are - they know it helps but don’t know where to start. That’s exactly why we’re here! We’ve a series of videos on what mindfulness is, as well as guidance for parents for ALL our exercises. We’ve got your hand and are here with you as you learn, and teach your children well being habits to last them a lifetime! Also, remember 75% of parents using Wee Seeds exercises noticed a positive difference in their children - and themselves - and many of them had never tried mindfulness or meditation before.