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Explore our inspirational digital toolbox to plant the seeds of calm, focus & sleep in the early years, nurture preschoolers’ emotional, mental & physical wellbeing and grow family connections through mindfulness & meditation


Such an easy app to use with my children. There were clear and simple instructions for each exercise which made it easy to get to grips with and use over and over again with the kids. They’re now asking to use it!

Mum of two, aged 5

We were delighted to be part of the trial for Wee Seeds. It came just at the perfect time as my daughter was starting school – a time of overwhelming emotions for little ones to cope with. We found the ideas fun and engaging! Some of the ideas we could do while we were out and about such as ‘Focus Eyes’ which was a favourite and one my younger son could get involved in too, while others were more relaxation tools. I found Wee Seeds gave me a tool to start conversations about the importance of relaxation and mindfulness as it gave me the confidence with the right tone and wording to use.

Mum Kirsty and Sofia, 6

We had the great opportunity to work with Wee Seeds to deliver mindfulness sessions for our children within our nurture centre and found it to be a great asset to our provision for children. As a Centre, we are always working to further our children in their development, this often focuses on their emotional development and resilience skills. Mindfulness sessions have provided the opportunities to allow children to take time to notice their own emotions and reflect upon them, helping them build such vital skills for life and learning, such as emotional literacy and self-regulation.

Vicki Thomson, Early Years Lead Officer, Beanstalk Family Nurture Centre

My daughter and I loved the Wee Seeds website and activities. The website was beautiful and the animations age appropriate. It was so nice to have a calming activity to sit and do together.

Janis, Mum of Jess, 6 and Emily, 2

Navigating the exercises in this beautifully simple app was an amazing opportunity for my grandson and I to discover the pause button and find our inner stillness. Although he is only 3 years old at the moment, he was so engaged with each new exercise we did together and he loved to recreate these for his parents later in the day. At present he only manages the stillness for a few seconds but I am certain that as we grow together with this app, he will also find the place of inner calm that will enable him to regulate his own emotions and be able to access his inner calm. Thank you Wee Seeds for starting us on our journey to mindfulness together.

Karen, Granny